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The SBL10 is a very compact handheld device for detection of ferromagnetic objects in the ground. With only 3.7 kg and a clearly arranged control display, the SBL10 is easy and intuitive to operate. Due to its folding mechanism the SBL10 needs no assembly and is ready within seconds.

The MagWalk is an ultra light weight portable magnetometer survey kit to be carried by one person by holding it transversely, longitudinal or upright aside the body.

The EMD2 is an active, highly sensitive system for middle sized area surveys using the TDEM (Time Domain Electro-magnetics) method in order to detect metals in the ground.

The push-cart magnetometer system MAGNETO® MXPDA is used for the detection of ferromagnetic objects in small and medium sized areas.

The MagBase is a magnetometer based reference station for correction or noise cancelling of borehole, aerial or field measurements done with SENSYS systems.

The DBL15 is a robust but very compact survey unit in an IP67 case to connect and operate an FGM400/38 probe for diver’s underwater bomb search or for borehole surveys.

The MagDrone R3 is a ultra portable magnetometer survey kit to be attached to any UAV / drone with a minimum payload of 1kg.

The multi-channel system MX3D UW is an ROV based magnetometer survey system to allocate and track objects and structures under water.